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Q&A #SBSSWPL 2019 – Stevie Baxter, Forfar Farmington

Ahead of the new 2019 season, we’ll catch-up with every single Scottish Building Society SWPL team. From new Head Coaches, new signings, and new aspirations, it’s set to be another exciting campaign. To start, we spoke to new Forfar Farmington FC Head Coach, Stevie Baxter.

How are excited are you for the 2019 season?: Extremely excited and looking forward to Game Day One on the 10th Feb.

What are your aims and ambitions for the new season?: To be the best Forfar Farmington team that we can be and to go into every game with a desire and mindset that will focus on us giving each of our opponents a real hard game.

With the new season around a month away, how have preparations been so far?: Prep has been good and the team have been working individually over the break and then have come together as a group for the start of pre-season and friendly games with real determination on why they are playing the game and what they need to do accomplish the things they want from the season.

Do you have plans to/have you had much change to the squad? What impact could this have on your season?: We have had a few changes, most noticeably our former players who are based in Inverness who were a real part of the team last year and a few other girls that have decided to move on for other sporting reasons. I would like to wish all of the players that have moved on our best wishes from Forfar Farmington and to let them know that the kettle will always be on if they are coming down to Station Park or the Market Muir.

For perhaps new fans of the women’s game, who are some players in your squad they should look out for?: Every single one of the group to be honest. Each player in the squad is unique, each player is their own individual and each player brings a number of different things to the team, on the pitch, off the pitch and around the pitch. It’s a team game and we all need each other to develop and to win games so it’s only fair that I don’t single out any player as we need the whole squad to be the best they can be in order for us to achieve our goals.

Are there any new/younger players we may see more of in 2019?: Forfar Farmington have a proud and long standing tradition in developing and providing opportunities for our own and we have a number of age group internationals and players from our SWPL 2 and Under 17s team that will get opportunities this year.

You start the new season playing Celtic. What do you make of that fixture?: It is a fantastic game to start off with on the road and we look forward to going down to K Park, catching up with Eddie and the team down there and having a great game against Celtic.

Given how big 2019 is for Scottish Women’s Football as a whole, how excited are you to be involved?: It’s a great time to be involved in the game in Scottish Women’s football and of course the World Cup this year with the national team and the tartan army at a major event will be fantastic for everyone involved in the game. There will be thousands of youngsters who will watch the World Cup and be inspired to go out and have a smile on their face and kick a football, which will hopefully ignite a passion for the sport and will become the next generation of SWPL players of the future.

Finally, what would you say to encourage people to come and support your team this season?: If you are looking to spent an hour and a half outside in the fresh air on a Sunday afternoon whilst watching two teams for 90 minutes going full throttle against each other, whilst showing a high level of technical and tactical ability, then come down to a local game and enjoy that 90 minutes. I am sure that if you come down for one game you will come back for some more. The standard of the teams and the players in the league are very good and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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