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Q&A #SBSSWPL 2019 – Stewart Hall, FC Kilmarnock

Ahead of the new 2019 season, we’ll catch-up with every single Scottish Building Society SWPL team. From new Head Coaches, new signings, and new aspirations, it’s set to be another exciting campaign. We spoke to FC Kilmarnock Head Coach, Stewart Hall.

How are excited are you for the 2019 season?: I’m very excited for the 2019 season both in the domestic league and to see the national team at the World Cup.

What are your aims and ambitions for the new season?: Our aims and ambitions at Kilmarnock Ladies are to continue on the form we started in 2018 and hopefully make our second season in SWPL 2 even more memorable and successful.

Based on the other teams in the league, do you think this will be the most competitive season ever?: I think with the new additions to SWPL 2 and the remain team both strengthening their squads and as well as many club getting more backing from their club to help grow the women game that SWPL 2 in 2019 is shaping up to be the most competitive season yet.

With the new season around a month away, how have preparations been so far?: Our preparations began before 2018 even ended, so preparations are well under way for the 10th of February and are looking positive.

Do you have plans to/have you had much change to the squad? What impact could this have on your season?: We have retained a large part of last years squad that finished 2nd in 2018 we have also strengthened in area that we felt needed. This should impact us in being able to compete more in the league this year.

For perhaps new fans of the women’s game, who are some players in your squad they should look out for?: It is hard to point out only a few players as everyone in the squad plays vital roles in trying to achieve our aims. However one player that is well known in Scottish football and has now joined the club permanently is Lisa Swanson, a striker who came on loan from Rangers last season scoring eight goals in eight games and six assists in those games too.

As well, are there any new/younger players we may see more of in 2019?: We have several youth players in out team and have several who have came through our youth academy at Kilmarnock. However our latest graduate from our youth academy is Lauren McColloch.

You start the new season playing Hutchison Vale, what do you make of that fixture?: It is a very difficult fixture to start with especially being away from home. They have a new Head Coach in Scott Paterson so there will be changes to them compared to last season.

How important do you think it will be to get off to a good start?: It’s important to get off on the right manner however it will be a long season this year especially with an extended break with the World Cup taking place.

Given how big 2019 is for Scottish Women’s Football as a whole, how excited are you to be involved?: Scottish Football is a very exciting place to be at the moment every club are investing more and more into the women game and the quality and competitiveness of the football being played is improving every year.

Finally, what would you say to encourage people to come and support your team this season?: The football you will see is of a high standard and is great value you for the money you pay to watch it.

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