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Q&A #SBSSWPL 2020 – Andy Enwood, Heart of Midlothian

Ahead of the 2020 season, we’ll catch-up with every single Scottish Building Society SWPL team. From new Head Coaches, new signings, and new aspirations, it’s set to be another exciting campaign.

We spoke to Heart of Midlothian WFC Head Coach, Andy Enwood. His side clinched the SWPL 2 title on the final day of the 2019 season, earning promotion to SWPL 1.

How are excited are you for the 2020 season? Season 2020 signals the start of a new era for the club. There are too many past players, coaches, and volunteers to mention and thank who have got us to this point in time. The football club have made a decisive decision to look after girls’ and women’s football in line with the boys and men. We all now need to embrace the challenge ahead.

What do you make of the changes for the new season? These types of changes can only be beneficial for selling the league to the supporters. An extra place for promotion and relegation will keep more teams involved for longer and less ‘meaningless’ games. The new format of the League Cup will also bring excitement to all.

What are your aims and ambitions for the new season? Our aim is to ensure we are competitive in, and learn from, every single game we play in this season. We have a style of play we want to enforce onto the opposition and our aim is to ensure that is carried out in every game we play.

Based on the other teams in the league, do you think this will be the most competitive season ever? Glasgow City as multiple Champions, Rangers & Celtic investing significant amounts of money, and experienced SWPL 1 sides such as Hibs, Spartans, and Forfar. Nobody can predict but all the signs point towards even more competition than last year.

With the new season around a month away, how have preparations been so far? Training has been well received by the players and they are working on a number of new ideas. An increase in training days has helped and the commitment from the players has been excellent. Also, a number of new staff have come in and quickly integrated with each other to aid and enhance the training preparation and delivery.

Do you have plans to/have you had much change to the squad? The squad from last year has had a huge turnover. Players have retired, taken a break, or moved to different clubs. This is part and parcel of football evolution and we thank them all for their previous efforts. We have brought in players who we feel fit the way in which we want to play the game, this is extremely important and drives our recruitment.

For perhaps new fans of the women’s game, who are some players in your squad they should look out for? Ellis Dalgleish is a young but experienced SWPL defender. Star players can often be subconsciously cast as the more attacking ones however Ellis has a fantastic attitude and football brain who understands how to both defend and attack bringing with it the technical capabilities to do so.

As well, are there any new/younger players we may see more of in 2020? We, as a Club, are excited to see how the continued progression of our academy youngsters Jenny Smith, Claire Delworth, and Georgia Hunter continue to improve throughout the season.

You start the new season away to Rangers WFC. What do you make of that fixture? Rangers have been very busy over the last few months! For Scottish Women’s Football their approach is one that will help the game, for us on Feb 23rd it will make our task challenging as well as exciting. We are of course looking forward to this fixture and whilst respecting Rangers we will be keen to make our own mark on the game.

How important do you think it will be to get off to a good start? We want to be competitive in every game and so as much as we want to start the season well we want that to continue throughout the whole season.

Finally, what would you say to encourage people to come and support your team this season? Women’s domestic football in Scotland has never had as much exposure as it has right now. With a brand new set of teams to play on a regular basis in SWPL 1 we hope by our style of play and approach this season we will excite supporters and in turn attract more numbers to add to our current band of loyal fans.

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